Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1954 Wood Paneled House Before and After

Oakland, CA

We attended this estate sale in March 2012.

When we attended this estate sale we over heard the people running it that the real estate agent was going to paint all the beautiful warm wood in this house. A man reacted in disgust (as did we) except he voiced his opinion to leave it all alone. He said there will be plenty of people who will love all the wood in this house. And we think he is right. Wood adds such coziness and character to a room, and if its Mid Century wood paneling it adds a sophisticated look as well. But alas we checked the real estate listing and surprise, surprise all the wood was painted awful white. Now, we do admit that the house needed to be freshened up. It was looking a bit tired looking in our photos at the sale, but slapping on some cheap latex white paint on gorgeous wood is not the answer.

The exterior had beautiful mature landscaping and cool original gravel roof.

This grouping of photos are from the estate sale listing. Note the beautiful wood paneling in the living room and dining room.

 Nifty little Mid Century Modern brick shelves on the back of the fireplace in the Dining Room.

There was groovy glitter popcorn ceilings throughout and oh so 50s wooden scalloped drapery valances.
 We really loved that little built in desk in the corner and how curvy the counters were.

These "after" photos are from the real estate listing. No more warmth in the living room.

Ultra plain and sterile dining and kitchen. Even the wood beams in the ceiling couldn't be spared. Oh and cant forget about those teenage dorm room track lights. Yeah, thats really high end...

They even replaced the Early American drawer pulls with those contemporary brushed metal ones everyone has... Though the ONE thing they did right was leave the original stainless steel double oven. But now it looks out of place. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.


  1. So awful. The white paint did not do this kitchen any favors. At least they didn't rip the kitchen out. Let's hope the new owners won't either.

    1. Agreed. At least paint can be stripped, but the cabinetry would be hard to replaced if removed.