Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1956 Hillside Ranch

San Leandro, CA (Bay-O-Vista Neighborhood)

We attended this estate sale in July 2013.

The Bay-O-Vista neighborhood never disappoints! This neighborhood has so many amazing Mid Century homes, most of them incredibly intact. And this neighborhood has a great track record for killer estate sales! We can safely say this was a great day! This house was massive. It doesn't look like it from the street, but it sits on a hill and there is lots of room on this lot. There was a bar downstairs with original streaky tan asphalt tile (Yummy), an indoor swimming pool, upstairs there was a family room with gorgeous Mid Century fireplace with BBQ... there is just too much to list, go check out the rest of the photos and see for yourself!

 Some of these photos are from the real estate listing. The listing did a fantastic job praising the original features of the home.

Gotta love that fiberglas room divider. It also doubles as a planter, which for some reason they are always empty now a days.

Beautiful blonde wood paneling in the formal living room.

That boomerang dinette table with hair pin legs was SO COOL! It was for sale at the estate sale too!

 Close up of the intercom system/radio in the kitchen. The atomic maid graphic just kills me! I want this so bad!

 Gorgeous kitchen with red Irish Linen Formica counter tops and original wall oven!

That dreamy fireplace with built in BBQ...

 There was this massive back patio that had excellent views of the city and bay.

Oooo, cant you just imagine a little bit more tiki decor in here, it would be just perfect!

 This is the indoor swimming pool just off of the bar!

 Another built in BBQ!

 The bedroom set in the master bedroom was totally up Javie's alley, Mid Century Asian!

 And to end this fabulous tour, a tiny sputnik flush mount light fixture in the hallway! What a house!


  1. Such an amazing house! I totally want all of the lime green chairs (in the office and in the bedroom).

    1. Oh my gosh yes! We wanted those chairs too!