Monday, June 16, 2014

1946 Modern Sophisticate House

Oakland, CA (Montclair Area)

We attended this estate sale in June 2014.

So, our landlady called me this past Saturday asking if I could swing by this estate sale and help her load up a set of vintage rattan furniture that she scored a great deal on. I was just excited to see the furniture she bought, I didnt know my heart was going to be stolen by this house! Both Jake and I really want this house! But, it was a little difficult getting to this house. Saturday, I came at the end of the day to load the furniture, took a super fast look around, not even seeing some of the greatest parts of the house. Sunday was Fathers day and my parents were in town and I had to go to work. By Monday, I figured it was over, but I said to myself, what the heck, I will check craigslist, and sure enough the sale was still going on Monday! So I finally got to tour this fabulous house and buy a little something too!

This is the exterior of the house compliments of google maps. Nothing too special here, it does have the original garage door with several chevrons as decoration, but nonetheless, a nice house.

This photo from the estate sale listing (TEL)

 I love this paneling that was in the dining room, with the grain alternating like parquet flooring. Ultra 1940s Modern.

The railing was beautifully simple! That vintage blonde wood combined with those glamorous chrome spindles, OH! So sophisticated! The beams were made out of Weldtex (combed wood paneling). There was miles of that stuff in the downstairs family room.
Master Bedroom

There was a separate Dressing Room with loads of closets and this nice vanity for the Mrs. with floor to ceiling mirror.
Master Bath as seen from the Dressing Room.

The curved edges for the tub are so elegant and streamlined!

The downstairs Family Room with the Weldtex everywhere! And amazing sunburst clock!

The second bath. Just as beautiful as the master.

I am so glad I was able to make it here to document a place like this. And I walked away with some fantastic 60s mens ties for our etsy shop, the original oversized brushed aluminum front doorknob, new old stock 60s mens boxers still in their packaging and 3 pairs of 50s/60s argyle mens socks. Another fantastic estate sale.

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