Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1945 Spanish Ranch Styled House

Oakland, CA

We attended this estate sale back in January 2013.

What a delight this house was! It is located in an affluent part of the Oakland hills with gorgeous older homes. We didnt expect to find any good deals but we did come home with a couple of nick-knacks and also great remorse for not getting there earlier. There was a spectacular 1950s gem just waiting for us, but unfortunately someone beat us to it and bought it already. Read more to find out and see pictures of what we missed out on. Anyway, this house had some extraordinary intact rooms, even after the house was spruced up to be sold on the market. I am very proud of them for keeping this house intact! All in all, it was a fun day full of eye candy!

The photo to the left is from the real estate listing and is what the house looks like today.

The photo to the right is from google and is how the house looked like when we went there. 

 The photos above of the bathroom and kitchen are from the real estate listing. So thrilled they did not change these two rooms! They are THE BEST rooms in the house and they are completely original and still look new!
 The original Marmoleum floor was an unexpected surprise when we saw the kitchen! It even has that super 40s accent strip that went around the perimeter of the room! You just don't see this anymore! And in this perfect condition! It just goes to show ya these old products LAST!
 The downstairs family room was another jewel. It had this wacky calico shag carpet, the original built in bar with colorful Formica and asphalt tile on the foot rest.

 This is what we missed out on! Arrg! An amazing 1950s sectional in fantastic condition that was for sale for a whopping $15!!! Of course, that's our luck! Already sold by the time we made it to the sale...

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  1. I live in a four-plex in Oakland not far from this house, also built in 1945, that has many similar details, especially in the kitchen, including the same burgundy tile edge on the counters.