Friday, February 28, 2014

1951 Mid Century Modern Home

 Piedmont, CA

We did not actually attend an estate sale at this house, or take these photos ourselves, but instead we stumbled upon this ultra fabulous house on This was back in 2013 and the house has since been sold. We saved the pictures from the listing because we just had to share this ultra spectacular 1951 Mid Century marvel! This house is just a stunner! The kitchen and living room are the prizewinners in this home, unbelievably original! SO BEAUTIFUL!

 The exterior is a little understated, but has its equal cool points like Jack on Jack Roman Brick, floor to ceiling windows and nice deck.

 This kitchen is just a dream come true! Original turquoise appliances! EVEN THE REFRIGERATOR! AH! That gorgeous honey colored wood goes so nicely with the turquoise and mosaic tile counters and back splash.

More amazing wood continues into the living room. What an amazing ceiling huh! And don't forget about the off center fireplace with some more cool mosaic tile! This house is just too perfect, It is SO great to have stumbled upon a house like this that was actually for sale, though way out of our price range for over a million, but still fantastic to have seen something like this that has been taken care of for decades and presented in a way that appreciates what the 50s design of the home has to offer.

***2015 UPDATE*** I just happened to come across this house's listing again and I was shocked to see they have gutted this incredible kitchen! Way to go guys, now the kitchen looks like every other ill conceived kitchen of today. It sticks out like a huge pimple on the face of a 1950s glamorous movie star. That is what you are, people who cant understand timeless design, a big fat huge pimple. ICK!


  1. Great idea for a blog! Keep the photos coming, and happy hunting to you both.

  2. Thank you so much! We are happy you enjoy the blog!

  3. Fab the blog, btw. :)