Mid Century Links

This page is dedicated to links to other awesome websites and blogs that we particularly enjoy.

Retro Renovation
Retro Renovation is run by the fabulous Pam Kueber and features other time capsule homes and mid century home decor and design.

Weldtex Combed Wood Paneling
A source to buy that awesome paneling that was used in so many Mid Century Modern homes, as well as commercial spaces!

Crestview Doors
Here, you can buy custom Mid Century Modern front doors to dress up your own time capsule home!

Atomic Living
This is our website for our own vintage store located in Hayward, CA! We post our favorite finds on the website, and the best part is, it is all for sale!

JAVA1888's flickr Photostream
This flickr photostream belongs to Javie, yes the same Javie that has created The Time Capsule Home with Jake! The photostream features Javie's art photography (vintage themed) and other awesome photos of vintage objects and architecture that comes his way.

The Olde Tie Shoppe
This is Jake and Javie's shop on etsy.com. We sell vintage men's neckties from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Atomic Living (Shop Online)
This is another shop of ours on etsy.com where we sell vintage clothing, housewares, glassware, hardware and anything else vintage and cool.

This etsy shop belongs to our best friend Erin The Artist! Here you can find a huge selection of vintage and antique womens clothing from the late 1800s all the way to the 1980s.

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