Friday, October 17, 2014

1932 Houvenin House Designed by Carr Jones

Piedmont, CA

We Attended this estate sale in May 2014.

Storybook madness! The second we saw the listing for this estate sale and realized how spectacular this house was, we jumped right on over to tour this stunning piece of architecture! Even though the house was buzzing with activity, we still felt like we were alone wandering through this rambling house. There are so many nooks and crannies, winding hallways and staircases, its like we have been transported to another land! Though everything for sale here was way out of our price range, we didn't care, it was a privilege to have walked through this house!

As soon as we got back to our house we did a little bit of research on this house and found it was designed and hand built by Carr Jones for the  Houvenin family in 1932. And in 1954 Jones designed and built the guest house. (See above photo) Here is the listing with tons more photos and info about the house:

The 1954 guest house.

Interior of the guest house.

 The Formal Living Room with vaulted ceilings and catwalk!

Dining Room

Ultra spectacular right?! The only complaint we have though is the kitchen was remodeled in the 80s, so no need to photograph it. And we were not able to see the bathrooms, Bummer. Oh well, still a once in a lifetime tour to see such a stunning estate sale house!

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