Grandma's Storybook Ranch

Rare snowfall in Modesto, CA, 1976.

This fabulous 1959 Storybook Ranch has belonged to my grandparents since 1975. My partner Jake and I have lived here off and on between our moves between houses. This house still holds awesome design from when it was first built and from the 70s. And we have access to fabulous 70s photos of the house too!

Kitchen 1976. Original tan colored GE oven.
Before pictures of kitchen 1976. During some point before '76, the Knotty Pine cabinets were faux finished in this dark wood color.
Before picture of kitchen, 1976. That 1950s Admiral refrigerator is my Grandparents first fridge they ever bought. It is still in the garage to this day.

After picture of kitchen, 1977. They replaced the original tan Irish Linen Formica for this yellow Formica that has a subtle lace doilie pattern. The faux wood panels were glued on to the original knotty pine cabinets.

Living Room, looking out to backyard pool. 1976
Looking from the living room slider. Later this section of the covered patio will be enclosed and turned into the Family Room.

Backyard 1977. Shortly after my Grandparents removed the original river rock garden and replaced it with grass.

Backyard 1976, you can see the original river rock garden around the pool. One of the best parts of the backyard are the fiberglass squares on the fence!

Later on, the original diving board broke and then this slide moved to the opposite end of the pool, where the diving board used to be.

One of my favorite features, the built in towel rack is seen to the right.

MORE PHOTOS (both vintage and modern) SOON TO COME!!!


  1. loving all your vintage retro pix!

    1. Thank you so much! Vintage is our life!