Sunday, June 7, 2015

1952 Large and In Charge House

We attended the first estate sale in the downstairs at this breathtaking Piedmont, California home in August of 2014. And again in the upstairs public rooms in April of 2015. To my understanding the owners at the times of the estate sales bought the home furnished from the original owners. They sold the fantastic original furnishings, did some light remodeling and put it back on the market for a nice 2 million. During the times between August 2014 and April 2015 we stumbled across a craigslist ad for a downstairs apartment for rent. Oh lordy! It was the fabulous downstairs of this house! Our excitement was quickly diminished by the outrageous rent. But gee, how nice it would have been to have that glamorous bar in our living room!

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The ocean of Jack-on-Jack Roman Brick on this house makes my heart flutter! Oh and that blonde wood door with over sized peep hole and giant door knob! YUM!

Above, is the front patio. The picture window with the two doors on either side it the dining room and the double doors to the right is the breakfast nook. Im not too sure what those cement circles are, maybe some kind of water fountain?

Notice the fancy public sidewalk with the terracotta tiles in it. This is a REALLY nice area.

This is the back patio, off of the downstairs family room. I love me some Egg Crate! (The lattice over the sliders.)

Of course there is a built in BBQ! It was the 50s!

Now for the inside!

 The Entry Hall

Now personally, this is a dream house for us. It combines both early 50s modernism and 50s traditional elegance together in such a way the two styles are seamless. (Please ignore rude lady messing up my shot!)

The Formal Living Room

The original couch was so elegant, there were even metallic threads in the fabric!

Im pretty sure this was one of the original living room lights, until they put crappy plastic recessed lights.

Above, this door led to the stair well down to my favorite rooms of the house!

Notice the original green/blue on the stair risers.


When I saw this bar, I was freaking out how pristine and stylish this thing was!

The downstairs kitchen was very cottage like! And SO ORGINAL! Such a rare treasure!

 There were cool scraps of linoleum with great patterns in the cabinets!

Red Formica Boomerangs! YES!

I really likes these pink bamboo curtain valances! So adorable!

Such a treat to see original linoleum flooring in perfect condition! I love both the sheet lino and tiles! This flooring just makes sense in this type of environment! Just needs a coat of wax to bring a mirror shine!

One of the downstairs bedroom lights.

Garage with some goodies!

And for the fabulous downstairs pink bathroom!


This house still blows me away every time I look at these pictures!

Below, I have included some pictures from the real estate listing of some of the rooms I dont have pictures of myself and as well as some side by side before and afters I created.

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