The Apartment

Built in 1951 and designed in 1949, we moved into the upstairs apartment you see in the front along with Javie's sister. This was the first place we lived at, fresh out of the parent's house. Since we had already been collecting for several years before, we had a hefty start on decorating the new place. We did have to compromise a bit on the specific apartment we all lived in, this one was a bit too remodeled for our tastes, but we made it work. The bathroom was gutted, we hated it, but sister loved it. The kitchen had new linoleum (some of the original gray Marmoleum  was still on the back service porch), new fake granite counter tops, but original cabinets with chrome pulls. We didnt stay in this place for too long, because we learned it is not the best idea to have shared an apartment with sister, for several reasons! But we were proud on the way we decorated it while we were there, so now it just lives on in these photographs.

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